Semalt Expert Explains The Things You Might Be Doing Wrong In Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the process of automating marketing actions using communication tools and specific software. Marketing automation helps with ordering recurrent actions, market segmentation, and measuring the success of current actions continuously.

The expert of Semalt Digital Services, Oliver King explains how to carry out marketing automation successfully, avoiding the following errors.

1. Focusing Mainly on Emails

The first mistake that marketers usually make is thinking that recurrent marketing actions should relate to email communication only. They are useful at the beginning. Generally, marketing automation serves as an excellent follow-up strategy. However, there exist other channels of marketing such as content marketing and social media. Knowing user behavior and preferred content, you can create automated notifications, emails, or messages that direct them to related content that may interest them as well. Focusing on emails alone limits client acquisition as most viewers will probably search for content and the business's presence all over the web.

2. Forgoing Personalization

Personalization is important as sending monotonous content to everyone on the contact list may harm the business. Clients need to feel special so sending similar messages to them does not help achieve this. Personalization requires research and determining particular preferences clients have. After making research, streamline content should be delivered with that. As time goes on, one may opt to drill further down to the service offerings.

3. Considering Visitor as a Lead

Sometimes, not everybody matches with the services a business offers. Marketing automation helps the team to figure out potential clients using various strategies. It identifies whom the company should communicate with, and also, those worth the investment. A business should not integrate customers and site visitors that do not serve as viable leads in its business development strategy.

4. Not Measuring Your Actions

Marketing automation certainly helps to save time on repetitive actions. It also presents opportunities that a business owner may not have thought of initially. It is prudent to spend some time reviewing its performance to find out the features that are working and those that are not. After finding possible flaws in marketing automation, figuring out how and why they happen leads to the development of an action plan. Implementing a marketing automation solution and assuming that the job is complete is a risky endeavor.

5. Being Too Aggressive

It is easy to use a marketing automation tool if the information is readily available. Nevertheless, it is possible to become very aggressive in the campaign like sending too many notifications or overselling the business. Such behavior creates negative reactions with the audience, to the point of damaging the brand's reputation. Marketing automation is meant to create leads and not scare them away. It is imperative that an owner regulates the volume and frequency of content delivered.

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